Independent Excursion!

I think I’m starting to turn a  corner.  Yay!  The swelling seems to be going down a bit, and I discovered that Motrin helps the pain of blood rushing down to my ankle.  I still need painkillers at night, but I’m starting to feel much better during the day.  I can actually get around in the crutches!

Today I had my first independent excursion.  I was a bit nervous, to be honest.  I can manage the crutches, but I cannot manage anything else while crutching.  No doors, chairs, stairs, you get the picture.  Luckily,  people are incredibly friendly to a girl in a cast and crutches.  And today, on my independent excursion to get my hair cut, I got a free deep conditioning treatment because he felt bad for me.  He said “look what happened to your leg!  You need to be pampered”.  Well, if you insist…

Deep conditioning treatment was quite needed.
He styled my hair and it had so much body! Must be magic.

I then managed to hobble through a packed H&M with LC to get some work clothes.  I will be wearing a lot of leggings until it’s warm enough out to wear my dresses with bare legs.  And of course I needed a pair of flats to wear on my one good foot, and a bag that is small enough for me to carry but big enough to fit the necessities.  Who knew breaking an ankle would cause such wardrobe issues?!?

Well, I’m about to turn into a pumpkin.  My ankle gets pretty sore at night still, so I’m about to return to my nighttime routine of this:

FW’s kitty, Pixel, is just too cute.  She’s been really worried about me and hasn’t left my side.  Plus she loves snuggling.  Like I said, it could be worse. Much, much worse.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Question:  Do you have a favorite television series to recommend?  I’m taking suggestions because I am flying through shows!  Thank you to all who have made suggestions so far!


Sticks & Stones…

…and STAIRS break your bones.  At least, they broke mine.  Last Thursday, I fell on my stairs going to work and broke my tibia (shin bone) in the ankle joint.  I was rushing, juggling my two phones and trying to put my keys in my bag and then !!BAM!!   Broken ankle.  I called FW, crawled up the stairs back to my apartment and lay on my back to avoid fainting.  I also somehow managed to call my coworker, though the details are fuzzy.  I went straight to the ER where they took x-rays, a CT scan, and put this on me:

The thing weighed a TON.  But I got to go home and spend the weekend resting before seeing my ortho on Monday.  I somehow managed to get downtown on Friday to see RM & CCJ (RM was visiting from out of town).  Here is a hilarious picture of us (take pity on me; I had not yet showered):

I spent the weekend on pain killers, reading, and being spoiled by FW.  He made me the most delicious breakfast on Saturday.  Plain yogurt with fresh strawberries and bananas foster.  He also made up a great story about how bananas foster was named 🙂

The good news is I do not have to have surgery.  The bad news is that I won’t be free of cast/crutches for about 12 weeks.  I am thrilled no surgery is involved.  And my ortho was kind and gave me a removable cast so that I can take it off to shower.   The pain is better, although still not great.  I have to spend these two weeks (btw, doc also said I have to take two weeks off work!) resting.  Seriously, sitting still with my leg up.  This is not my forte.  Sitting still and doing nothing makes me incredibly anxious.  Two weeks of it?  Yikes.

I kept crying in the ER (and let’s be serious all weekend), and people thought it was because of the pain.  It did hurt, yes.  But worse than that is the fact that I cannot run for a long time.  I’m really trying not to dwell, but man it is frustrating.  I’m sure the frustration will ease up once I get more mobile in my crutches and I can return to my regular life.   I will eventually be working in some toning exercises, and my yogi friend CG is going to send me some yoga poses to do after these two weeks are up.  

Everything will be okay.  Way more important things are happening in the world, but it sure disrupted mine.  I have newfound understanding for people with physical disabilities.  It is hard to rely on other people; independence is a very sacred thing.  And though I won’t be running in the next coming months, I will be working hard to heal.  And I’m already excited for the day I lace up my running shoes!


I Love a Strong Core

Hello World!

Last night’s dinner to celebrate LC’s birthday was incredibly fun!  Great spot in Brooklyn that serviced delicious food and beverages.  I had the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life.  Seriously, chicken might be ruined for me now.

The birthday girl blowing out her candle.

It’s Wednesday!  That means it’s my favorite workout day of the week!  Normally, I go to the gym and do a 5k, then my abs class.  I have been doing this for 3 weeks now (today is the 4th), and I can already feel how much stronger my core is.  I ran some hills when I was home, and I could feel my core helping me up those hills.  It was such a great feeling.  I love a strong core.  The best marathon I ever ran (NYC, incidentally), was due in large part to the core strengthening I included during training.  It doesn’t even take that much time to get in a few exercises a couple times a week.
Since it’s the winter and running long distances on treadmills/when it’s freezing outside is quite a test of dedication, I have taken this season to work on my speed.  I enjoy treadmill running much more when I’m changing it up.  Today, I am going to try a new speed workout that looks like this:
2 x [2 min. hard + 1 min. easy]
1 min. easy

2 x [2 min. hard + 1 min. easy]
2 min. easy
4 x [1 min. hard + 1 min. off or easy]

cool down
We will see how it goes.  I’m going to be that crazy person on the treadmill that is running and sweating like a maniac.  I’m so excited-I love Wednesday workouts!
QUESTION: What workout do you look forward to most?

Ready for Spring!

Normally, slushy and cold weather would really get me down…but not today!  Today is the lovely LC’s birthday and I am SO happy she was born on this day x amount of years ago.  It’s so fun to be close with someone for SO long.  I still have our original letters to each other when we were “pen pals”!  So darn cute, if I don’t say so myself.

I had a funny morning run; I pulled my sleepy self out of bed, looked outside and thought, not bad!  I can totally do this.  I then proceeded to run down slush covered streets for about 35 minutes, until I could take no more.  My normal route along the East River was completely covered, so I literally followed the clearest road as far as I could and then turned back.  I couldn’t take more than 35 minutes of it.  I AM SO READY FOR SPRING!

Last night, I had a “me” night.  I don’t often take these, but last night I did.  And it was lovely!  I read more of my book (An Outrageous Affair-I’m about to find out the thing I want to know!) and made dinner.  Apologies if these pictures make you gag, it actually was quite tasty!

It started as this-2 eggs, spring mix lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and a bit of turkey
Ended up like this.  Gross looking, but tasty.  I basically scrambled it after ruining the omelet flip.

Did I mention I’m a new cook?  I’m a new cook.  It would have worked better with three eggs, but an odd number doesn’t agree with my OCD tendencies.  Better to stick with two eggs and eat my meal than use three and not be able to eat it.  I try to resist them, but sometimes I just can’t.  Like the stove and hair straightener; I have to check and recheck to make sure they are off.   There is research that OCD and eating disorders are linked because so many of the behaviors overlap.  Here’s a quick overview of the connections if you’re interested:   Eating Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Luckily, I’m off the hook for cooking tonight!  I will be having a wonderful meal with the cousins to celebrate LC’s birthday.  LOVE HER!  Happy Birthday, La!

Loved her then-love her now.

QUESTION: Anyone else worry about burning their apartment/house down because they forgot to turn off their straightener?  That thing gets HOT!


I certainly woke up mumbling “TGIF”!  (side note: does anyone else still miss the TGIF line up?  Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Step by Step?)  I have such a hard time getting out of bed on a Friday.  Probably because I know the next day my alarm will not go off, and I’m just lusting after the fact that tomorrow I will sleep in.  Although tomorrow I won’t sleep in, because I have a BIG weekend planned.  FW and I are heading to NH for a visit with the family, and to celebrate BQ’s 17th birthday!  BQ is the youngest of the six of us, and it’s absolutely insane that he is 17.  I mean, how can he be 17 if I’m still 25?!? (Hint: I am not 25.)

I was so sore yesterday from my incredible workout the night before-you remember how bad ass I was, right?  Running, abs, and archery.  Pretty much I just love saying that I went to archery.  Archery, archery, archery.  Speaking of which, here is a photo of FW and his bow.

Cool, right?  My bow was less cool, however it was pink.  I’ll be sure and take a selfie next time.  Also, I am very creeped out by those mounted deer heads; I’ll just pretend they aren’t there.  Anyway, yesterday I ran
a couple miles in the morning just to loosen up my legs, and then walked to work.  It’s two miles and I LOVE walking to work.  The fresh air really clears my head before I start my day.

Last night, I had a lot of laughs with LC.  LC is my cousin/best friend and we have weekly dinners.  We’re kinda obsessed with each other in the best way possible.  Anyway, this is a picture of how things usually go down when we’re together:

Lots and lots of laughing.  And apparently I pull her over when we’re getting pictures taken.  I did not take a picture of us last night frankly because I didn’t think of it.  BUT I am going to be better at that, because fun times need to be documented!

For dinner, I made a stir fry.  It’s pretty much my “go to” meal because I’ve never had it turn out badly.  And you can use any vegetables/meat that you want.  I’m not sure how  Clean Eating Chelseytakes such appetizing pictures of her food; I don’t have the skills yet!  But the stir fry was declicious.  Here is what I used:

olive oil
salt & pepper

It is SO easy to make.  I put olive oil on high heat in a wok, threw in the carrots and broccoli and let that fry a bit. Then I added the cashews and tomatoes, let that fry a bit (a few minutes).  Then I added the pineapple to warm it up (also only a few minutes).  I then added the cooked rice right into the wok, mixed it all together, and served!  Just make sure you are moving the vegetables around so that they don’t stick to the pan and also so they don’t burn. It was pretty tasty.

I hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a great weekend! 

Question:  What is your go-to meal?  Please be specific so that I can try and copy you!

Bulls Eye!

Hello there!

It’s a cold and windy day in NYC which just makes me want to cuddle up with a book!  I love to read.  Did I mention that?  I’m currently reading An Outrageous Affair by Penny Vincenzi, and it is fantastic.  Full of drama, love, sex, affairs, strong women…all set in England, New York City, and Hollywood in the 1950’s. Such a juicy read.

My run yesterday was awesome.  I had been reading NYC Running Mama where she was talking about the  mental component of speed.  She made the great point that what holds us back the most is our mind; our bodies can keep up.  I have been stuck in the 8:30-9:00 minute mile for a while a now.  We’re talking years.  So yesterday, I decided to see what I could do.  I put the treadmill at 8:00 minute miles, and ran for 2.0 miles.  At certain points, I could feel my mind wanting to slow down, but I didn’t allow myself to touch the speed button.  Actually, I did, but that’s because I sped up to 7:45 for the last half mile.  I had to stop at 2.0 miles because the abs class was starting.  But I felt AMAZING.  I had pushed through that “speed barrier” that I thought I wasn’t strong enough for.  It was awesome.  I then killed my abs in my Abs Express class, and ran a mile for cool down.  It was one of those epic nights at the gym.  I was egg-sauce-ted.  Apologies for the bad joke.

My post-gym plan was to shower, get into my sweats, eat a delicious salad, and climb into bed with said book.  Only one of those things happened; any guesses which one??

Yup, you guessed it!  The delicious salad.  Tuna fish with olive oil and carrots on mixed greens with salt & pepper.  YUM.  I tried to take a pic, and it just looked gross.  So I’d rather you imagined that what I ate looked like this:

I didn’t have tomatoes, because I need to go grocery shopping like woah.  But you get the picture; pun intended.

Now for the most EPIC part of my evening.  My boyfriend, who from hereon out will be referred to as “FW”, recently bought a bow.  Yes, I’m talking bow as in “bow and arrow”.  So we went to pick it up last night, and guess who got a lesson and kicked ass at archery?  This girl.  I was in my running clothes, naturally, and a side braid; they even let me use the pink bow to match my pink running top.  You can all call me Katniss from now on.  This is what I looked like:

Not really.  But actually kind of?  She’s got good form, although I don’t believe she has pulled the bow back far off.  You have to “hit your target” everytime, meaning pull your arm all the way back so that your hand sits right below your ear, and the string hits your nose.  You then line up these two little eyes with the x on the target and release the arrow.  It surprisingly goes where you aim!  I was talking to one of the owners about how I was a natural and he commented that everyone surprises themselves by how good they are on their first day.  I guess I’m not so special.  What I did find out to be true was that the muscles required for shooting are not muscles that you use EVER.  I got further and further away from the bulls eye as my arms got more tired.  Guess I need to go again and beef up those muscles!

My laugh for the day yesterday was the fact that I put my hear in a side braid to go shooting.  I mean, I’m obsessed with J-Law, but I actually didn’t intend to impersonate Katniss.  FW and I had a pretty good laugh!

Question: How do you move past speed barriers?